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Dr.Web Link Checker

Dr.Web Link Checker to bezpłatny dodatek, za pomocą którego można skanować strony internetowe i pliki pobrane z internetu. Zainstaluj dodatek dla swojej przeglądarki, aby surfować po sieci bez zagrożenia wirusami!

Dr.Web Link Checker features

  • Scans web pages before they are opened
  • Warns social networking sites users about following links to other sites and scans the linked content
  • Detects and checks malformed links
  • Checks linked content for scripts and frames
  • Dr.Web software not required!
  • Scans files up to 12 MB in size!
  • Scans take just seconds!

Don’t have Dr.Web yet? This can easily be fixed!

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Dr.Web Security Space Comprehensive protection from Internet threats for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android

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Dr.Web KATANA The most lightweight non-signature anti-virus for Windows

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